Sunday, April 02, 2006

The mirror next to me says I look like crap, but I feel like shit. So much for mirrors.

I'm just tired, is all. And my hair is messy in a particularly impressive way. I have an uncanny yen for coffee, which doesn't seem sated by the quantities of the stuff I've thus far poured down my gullet.

But I did get everything done I needed to last night, and in time to watch the 1989, Tim Burton Batman which I've not seen since I was a kid. One thing that's definitely changed since my last viewing is that I like the Joker a whole lot more, and the Batman a whole lot less. I just can't buy Michael Keaton as Batman; his pathetic little arms, his floofy hair and sad little high kicks. Worse is the costume itself; he moves around in it like the Frankenstein monster, and it has this huge, pumpkin-like head. It's just hilarious when he's running across the street after Kim Basinger, holding the edges of his cape. He looks like a happy little prince.

Nicholson, meanwhile, sinks his big grinning chompers into the movie, and his story is loads more interesting than Bruce and Vicky's urbane romance. It's almost like Burton's more interested in monsters, hmm...

But I gotta hand it to Danny Elfman. Keaton may be unimpressive next to Bale, but the Elfman score remains unsurpassed. The opening credit sequence gives me a glimpse of what the perfect Batman movie might be like. The theme he wrote for Bats is as married, in my mind, to the character as John Williams' for Superman. I love the fact that the Elfman music was used as the theme song for the animated series.

I've had a real thing for Elfman lately. The past week or two, I've been strongly in the mood for female vocalists, but my Oingo Boingo albums have been the exception on my playlist. Well, and Morrissey, but that's only because Morrissey helps me feel productive. Truly. And, no, it doesn't make sense to me either.

But, yes, I woke up with a powerful urge to listen to "Weird Science" this morning. I've been hearing it lately as a criticism of creationism, and I sort of think it'd be cool if someone did a stripped down, moody cover of it.

So who are these ladies I've been listening to lately? The pile next to me has Josephine Baker, The Ditty Bops, Mazzy Star, Rasputina, The Dresden Dolls, Aimee Mann, Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple, Julee Cruise, and Blonde Redhead.

I like to think this is a symptom of some kind of new perversion.

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