Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wearing my contact lenses for the first time in a long time this morning. It makes the monitor look huge for some reason.

So now it looks like I'm a day person, at least for now. The nice thing is that I finish Boschen and Nesuko pages early in the day. The bad thing is that I ended up not being able to see Terminator 2 last night. I only hope I'll be back to normal by the time Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is showing on May 6.

I really wish there were more theatres showing old movies. I got incredibly jealous when Caitlin mentioned having seen Citizen Kane in a theatre. Cinemas like that need to exist around here.

Not much else to say. I watched Gun Crazy on Friday, which was a delightful movie. I liked it more than Natural Born Killers. Which I watched last week, and was interesting to watch next to A History of Violence, as they're both meditations on the role of violence in our culture, only A Hitory of Violence is far subtler and carries a therefore much greater impact. Natural Born Killers is cartoonish in its best moments, too broad and confused in its worst. But I do think the cartoonishness is a lot of fun, especially when it comes to Robert Downey Jr.'s wonderful Australian, depravophiliac (is that a word?) journalist. Or Tommy Lee Jones' Sheriff of Nottingham-esque warden.

The movie is a cartoon, really. That's why it doesn't bother me that skinny little Juliet Lewis can win fistfights with big guys and is placed in a men's prison so that she and Mickey can be easily reunited.

But Gun Crazy, another tale of married bandits, has slightly more realistically drawn characters, and is strangely more delightful in its wickedness. Maybe it's gentle John Dall's hapless love for the naively bloodthirsty Peggy Cummins. Or maybe it's just that doll, who halfway through the movie ends up not being the simple femme fetale I thought the movie was setting her up to be. It's a good movie.

And check out this suggestive autograph;

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