Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another wonderful day. Why does my coffee get cold so fast?

Well, I started writing a short story yesterday. Remember I said I was going to try prose fiction a week ago? I only wrote 499 words yesterday. Well, that's the score now but actually I snipped a couple of paragraphs and changed it from first person to third person. Maybe fiddling so much with five hundred some words is a bad sign.

I've had no confidence in my ability to write prose since I decided I hated the novel I spent four years writing. And I also hated the novel I wrote before it, the six novellas, and however many short stories I've written. But I really enjoyed doing the impromptu Lord of the Rings fanfic with Caitlin and people seemed to like it. I'm not sure how much that had to do with me or with Caitlin and the novelty of the thing. But I remember how nice it felt to be able to tell a story without having to draw anything. I figured another crack at prose was reasonable. I'll post it on my web site when I'm done.

Keith Olbermann did another one of his Special Comments yesterday;

These are always amazing. Presented with passion, the best thing about them is that they are actually quite well written. It's startling to hear them in the otherwise mostly grey soup of television. And in the increasingly grey soup of the attitudes people have about politics. As this administration goes from bad to worse and worse and worse, people who were angry before just get tired and don't want to hear about it. Olbermann seems to be one of the few embers of the bonfire the world needs and probably won't get. But he rouses you. And he actually made me feel better about an unrelated thing I was feeling hopeless and shitty about. I think emotional honesty and good communication universally elevate things.

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