Thursday, September 13, 2007

The new maids just didn't show up to-day. Unfortunately, I only found this out after I'd been out all day. But it wasn't so bad, really, because I had a good experience out there in the world. After a breakfast of spanakopita at UTC, I drove up to Plaza Camino Real which has my favourite coffee shop for writing. The place is never crowded--I don't know how it's stayed in business so many years.

More than at any other point in working on this new short story so far, I got really caught up in writing. The world just dissolved away and it was just me and the protagonist's POV. I hope this nice, familiar feeling doesn't mean I've only been writing poorly, since I'm still not happy with how my old stuff reads.

It's weird how coffee shops and restaurants actually have fewer distractions than here, at the computer. I could have gone on for hours more than I did if the place had had better air conditioning and I hadn't started sweating on the page. But as it is, I wouldn't be surprised if this story's done within the next couple of days. I'll then edit it a bit and maybe do one illustration . . . You know, even if it ends up that this story completely blows, I think I really need to be writing right now, so at least I can be sure I'm doing one useful thing.

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