Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's been hot and cloudless around here lately and yesterday we had a sudden, hot thunderstorm. I went out for coffee and saw lightning in the distance, even as the sun was shining directly in my eyes. There was just an egg yolk of dirty grey cloud in the middle of the sky and it rained hot bullets of water on me when I got of my car and walked to the Starbucks. I was made glad again for my waterproof hat. At least my car got clean--it looked less like a dusty vampire bat and more like a seal, except for the big grey splotch on the roof where the paint seems to have retreated. I needed William H. Macy to try to sell me some TrueCoat or something . . .

I watched the new episode of Bill Maher last night and John Mellencamp was on. I'm seriously starting to think that guy's mentally impaired. For some reason he's decided to visit all these political shows and every time I see him he says something completely bone-headed. Last night, when Maher asked him why people in the heartland bought into the right wing facade, like Fred Thompson's red pickup truck, Mellencamp said, well, these people believe what you tell them. And he added, "There's nothing wrong with being naïve."

Maher was appropriately aghast; "Naïve is what got us into this mess!" But why is this even a discussion? It was perhaps the biggest waste of airtime I've seen on either of Bill Maher's shows. I think it's well past time we admit that a bunch of Americans are as dumb as dirt.

A lot of things irritating me to-day. I'm just going to concentrate on drawing now and try to keep them out of my mind . . .

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