Sunday, September 09, 2007

No writing to-day. Gee, I sound like Caitlin. Which makes my neurotic head wonder if in attempting to write prose fiction I'm just imitating my friends at a moment in my life where my self esteem is at a low point. Like the Aimee Mann song goes; "that's how I nearly fell, trading clothes and ringing Pavlov's Bell."

But I didn't get much done because I was out with family to-day for a parent's birthday seeing the new 3:10 to Yuma, from which I learned;

1) Large sums of money ought to be transported in a coach without escort but with a giant, expensive gun that's difficult to aim.

2) Director James Mangold (also of Walk the Line) is technically proficient but has little or no human emotion and is incapable of creating any kind of energy with compositions of framing, blocking, editing, or lighting. He might as well have let the second unit director take the reins.

3) Even working for a director who could learn a thing or two from Commander Data about human emotion, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Peter Fonda, and Alan Tudyk are awesome.

4) James Mangold apparently hated how things went with Wash in Serenity and here there's a scene Mangold must have found more satisfying for his dumb, programmed heart; "*gasp* *dying* Did-did we get away?" "We did, thanks to you!" "*Smiles**Dies like a pickled leaf in the wind*."

5) If you're transporting a bloodthirsty criminal, never bind his feet, and don't gag him when his men are surrounding your hotel and you only have five comrades.

6) Also, refrain from shooting at those men from cover even though they outnumber you and are intent on killing you.

7) If the bloodthirsty outlaw you're transporting in custody shoots an Apache who was shooting at you, he's obviously your friend and you shouldn't keep a gun pointed at him.

8) However badass and interesting Peter Fonda's established as being, he can still be killed quickly and easily because he does ridiculously amateurish things sometimes.

9) If you have an annoying, naive, fourteen year-old son who constantly wants to get in the way, let him, because he'll invariably save your ass.

10) You can be a pansy that everyone thinks is badass if you're played by Christian Bale.

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