Monday, September 10, 2007

Sleepy so far to-day. I finished reading The Silmarillion last night, which was nice. I had a couple glasses of Wild Turkey and then read from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's weird how much I can appreciate Lewis Carroll even though I had to set aside Catch-22, which some might argue is in a similar vein. I don't get myself sometimes. The Alice books just feel fuller to me. Maybe I'd enjoy Catch-22 as an audio book read by Stephen Colbert.

I was reading from The Annotated Alice, which is just a lovely item to look at, for one thing, and the insights it provides truly enhance the experience. As in the chapter I was reading last night, "Who Stole the Tarts?", where the White Rabbit reads from a scroll;

"The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts,
All on a summer's day:
The Knave of Hearts, he stole the tarts
And took them quite away!"

And from there the King tells the jury to consider their verdict. From a footnote we learn "the White Rabbit reads only the first lines of a four-stanza poem that originally appeared in The European Magazine (April 1782)."

Suddenly the joke works a lot better.

Anyway, once again, I love naked ballerinas. Here's an art form meant to accentuate the beauty of the human body and it seems it can only be taken to its next natural level in the world of porn . . .

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