Thursday, December 13, 2007

Drinking some kona coffee right now. This stuff's not bad--I have no idea why it's so trendy right now, except that it's slightly difficult to acquire. It's a little different, but it doesn't blow me out of the water. It's not as good as David Lynch coffee, of which I just ran out of my last can. I need some more . . .

I guess I actually accomplished a lot yesterday. I went to IHOP for breakfast, where I wrote some things for my new project while waiting for the huge spinach and mushroom omelette with a side of three pancakes that was somehow all only ten dollars. What I was writing was world building stuff, stuff which may or may not end up on the website as supplementals.

I'm putting together a lot of material on this world, all with the idea of possibly including it as supplementals on the site. I've been drawing maps and writing histories. I have this crazy idea of keeping three blogs as characters, unrelated to one another and the actual comic, just to help create the sense of a big, three dimensional world. Or maybe I'll scale back a bit--this is already taking forever and I'm getting impatient, wanting to begin the story, already.

After IHOP, I went to Grossmont Centre and bought Christmas presents for three people, leaving just four left on my list. Then I walked to BevMo and, since I have some extra money right now, I bought a bottle of Kubler absinthe. Wow, that's some lovely stuff. I'm really going to have to force myself to take it slow--if I could, I'd be drinking it constantly from now on. According to this useful absinthe buyer's guide, Kubler's a better absinthe than Lucid, the only other genuine absinthe you can buy in U.S. stores.

So I had only a single glass and then thought and stewed for about two hours. You might say I was brooding, I suppose. I've been doing that a lot lately. It's weird how hours can disappear while I just think. By midnight, I was looking for ways to exercise demons. I started out watching Charlie Parker videos on YouTube--I was amazed there were even any, and that they were so good.

Bird's face while Coleman Hawkins is playing in this one is just priceless. Then Bird starts playing it's just wow;

This one with Dizzy Gillespie is great, too;

After that, I watched a bunch of Thelonious Monk before settling into some classic Nine Inch Nails. Then I discovered all the Rasputina videos available now--used to be, there weren't any. Someone called OtterFreak seems to have uploaded the best quality pieces;

Finally, I watched Miller's Crossing before going to sleep, and Tom Reagan taught me a valuable life lesson.

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