Friday, December 21, 2007

I found my horoscope on Yahoo rather hilarious to-day;

Lately, establishing communications with a certain someone has proven to be difficult -- there's nothing like a never-ending game of phone tag to rattle your nerves, is there? Today, you'll have to get more creative with your approach. If your emails go unanswered, how about sending them an online greeting card? The personalized approach is always the smarter way to go. If you can appeal to what interests them most, you're sure to connect and get them to give you some attention.

They really don't think men read these horoscopes, do they? Ladies, if a dead badger or a crude doll likeness of yourself in a coffin shows up on your doorstep, chances are your stalker gets his horoscopes from

I was Christmas shopping at Fashion Valley mall on Sunday, and for some reason decided to see Enchanted. It had gotten pretty much universally good reviews, and maybe I was in the mood for something light-hearted.

I was a little surprised by how much the animated opening sequence made me miss the heyday of animated Disney films. Those folks really need to remember how to play to their strengths. Anyway, the movie wasn't entirely tongue-in-cheek, Shrek-ish humour. It was more like the filmmakers used what has become the standard ironic mode to tell a sincere story. Which I suppose is a new reflection of this emotionally dysfunctional society.

The movie broke down pretty much as I expected; dreamy Disney princess believes in love at first sight, while Real Guy is a cynical divorce lawyer, and by the end they meet each other halfway to fall in love; Giselle (the princess) learns to get to know someone before she gets married, and Robert (the lawyer) learns to believe in love again. It's probably a lucky thing I wasn't in charge of the movie as Giselle would probably have ended up institutionalised while Robert became a dictator of a third world country or something.

But I did enjoy the movie. It was actually good, Disney fun, and Amy Adams was fantastic, in every sense of the word.

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