Monday, December 31, 2007

A lot of learning and trial and error involved in yesterday, but by the end of it, I'd set up a server on my computer and installed my very own wiki. I've started adding articles, and already it's performing the function I mainly wanted it for--it's helping me keep things organised, and it's tipping me off as to what steps I need to take--putting in an article and making all the things links that seem like they ought to be links reminds me of what I need to write.

My web space is hosted by Yahoo and I don't know if they allow wiki software to work, but even if I never upload* this thing, it's already proving an invaluable tool.

Last night I also played some Oblivion at Tim's house and came back here to read part of the new Sirenia Digest, which started off well with a reference in the prolegomena to the Marquis de Sade's The 120 Days of Sodom, or the School of Freedoms. Caitlin talks about looking for extravagant or challenging erotic art to examine in order to overcome her own inhibitions about writing such material. I'd say one needn't look very far, at least not very far into the history of human art, as this Wikipedia entry on satyrs illustrates.

Anyway, the vignette that follows the Digest's prolegomena is indeed a bit more than the old "in out, in out". It involves a young woman in the hands of subterranean troglodytes. It seems to be about the nature of supplication, and the fear involved when the monsters you submit to don't torture you in the way you were expecting. What one is to make of the young woman's acquiescence to the frightening unknown is an interesting question. Is the experience more fulfilling because she gave herself up to it, or is she just a sap trying to keep her worldview from cracking? It's a good story. I haven't read the second one, yet.

I'd better get to the Mount Everest of things I need to do, but first, here's my updated 2007 movie list;

Best Movies

1. INLAND EMPIRE (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
2. No Country for Old Men (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
3. Paprika (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
4. Pan's Labyrinth (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
5. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
6. Eastern Promises (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
7. Rescue Dawn (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
8. Death Proof (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
9. Once (Wikipedia entry)
10. Children of Men (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
11. Planet Terror (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
12. Across the Universe (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
13. Beowulf (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
14. The Golden Compass (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
15. Volver (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
16. Hostel: Part II (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
17. Sunshine (Wikipedia entry)
18. Enchanted (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
19. Sicko (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
20. Stardust (Wikipedia entry)
21. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Wikipedia entry)
22. Waitress (Wikipedia entry)
23. TMNT (Wikipedia entry)(my review)

Worst Movies

1. Spider-Man 3 (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
2. 300 (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
3. 3:10 to Yuma (Wikipedia entry)(my review)
4. 1408 (Wikipedia entry)(my review)

*Incidentally, I hate it when people say "download" when they mean "upload". I've been encountering this a lot lately, too.

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