Friday, January 01, 2010
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I didn't have time for anything yesterday but my comic. I went to bed almost right after uploading, but found I couldn't get to sleep. I ate a croissant and finally fell asleep at around 6am, getting up at around 2pm. There's my old schedule, buried underneath everything I try.

So, remember there's a new Venia's Travels online to-day. Venia's hair wasn't intended to be a Star Wars reference, but I don't mind if it's taken that way.

I realised this afternoon that the panel with the siren's first appearance might make a decent, NSFW desktop wallpaper;

The different sizes are available here, including a version of the image's original dimensions of 2099 x 985 in png format, for those whose panties are moistened by anti-alias. I modelled the siren after Christina Lindberg, but I don't think she ended up looking much like her.

I've wanted to make Venia's Travels wallpapers for quite a while now, but I just don't have the time. If there's any other especially large panel from the comic someone wants me to turn into wallpaper, let me know.

Am I using the siren wallpaper myself now? Nope. I'm loving my current desktop too much.

Now I think I'll go slack off.

Last night's tweets;

Cheese is the last refuge of face huggers.
Bad alien queens give birth to mouse traps.
Fop xenomorphs tread in fear of muggers.
There's a storm of bugs out there for bold chaps.

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