Saturday, January 30, 2010
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I watched last night the pilot episode of Being Human, a series Felis Demens recommended to me. It wasn't bad, and I always find it comforting to see so much fanservice for straight women and/or gay men. I hate to think of us heterosexual men having all the fun.

The show's about a werewolf, vampire, and ghost living together. The ghost is the only female character, and she appears to be the perfect untouchable female POV character amidst attractive, tortured boys, one of whom, the werewolf, is played by an actor who really seems to enjoy being naked. He actually reminded me a lot of Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters, particularly when the two men are looking at the flat they're thinking of moving into and the gag of Ray running downstairs, clearly more enthusiastic about buying the firehouse than Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, is lifted by Being Human when the werewolf does essentially the same thing.

The men are created as very clear character types, with the vampire being the aloof, emo, possible misogynist (or maybe he just feels superior to humans) and the werewolf being the affable, rambunctious footballer type. It's hard to imagine how these guys became intimate enough friends to where we see a montage of them cuddling lounging with incidental, close physical contact on the couch in their new flat, and the show never goes into how they met, but there's certainly potential for two such characters to play off each other.

I liked the ghost girl, though for some reason the writers decided to make her really touchy about the word "ghost". It seemed like a broad, cheap ploy for laughs that I couldn't really get into.

Anyway, after watching the pilot, I discovered that when the show was picked up for a series it was retooled and everyone was recast except for the werewolf. I guess I won't really have a sense of the show until I've seen a couple episodes of the real series. But I'm already disappointed to see that the woman playing the ghost in the series isn't half as attractive as the woman in the pilot.

I didn't do much else yesterday. I'm feeling pretty burnt out from that last Venia's Travels chapter, and I'm already dreading what kind of gruelling project I'll be writing for myself to-morrow in the new script.

Last night's tweets;

Child motorists hate petrol stations.
But purple dinosaurs open their veins.
Dead plush stinks of stale libations.
Giant pinballs hoard the left freeway lanes.

I watched a few more YouTube videos of Alexandra Kosteniuk. I love how Magnus Carlson walks away in a snit in this one;

I think it might be satisfying to see anyone named "Magnus" humiliated.

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