Saturday, May 03, 2003

At Tim's last night he and I watched one of the Urusei Yatsura movies that'd never been released in the U.S.

It felt quite a lot like a longer, better animated episode of the television series. It involved Ataru getting engaged to an alien named Lee who comes to retrieve him in an enormous space ship shaped like a rose. Of course, Lum's not happy about this, and neither is the Lum Defence Force.

It was an extremely rough translation that, for some reason, played wonky with people's names. Lum became "Lamo" and Ataru become "Dongue". Halfway through the movie, Dongue spontaneously became "Stan". Ten was called "Ivey" and several of the girls were named "James". Still not sure who "Mr. Gold" was. Strange stuff.

Yesterday also saw Trisa and I trying to carry out an assignment for her psych class involving us approaching people at Balboa park with a camera. Trisa then interviewed whilst I recorded--the idea being that as she asked the subject general questions about the war, cloning, or whatever, she would steadily move closer to them, invading their personal space. Unfortunately, the power hungry camera only allowed us to conduct two interviews before crapping out. Trisa did well enough though, I thought.

To-day I've mostly been kicking about with Victoria the cat. It's strange how a single cat can utterly absorb one's attention. And a new page of Doll Merchant somehow got done.

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