Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Work, work, work. Eventually.

Tuesday I was bullied into turning in an application for T.J. Max. I really don't wanna work there. Although my rational brain tells me it would probably be a good idea as it is in walking distance, and is similer to my previous job. Plus it has two things going for me; my grandmother's talked to the manager, and one of the people working there is one of my former managers from my last job. Two things going against me; I went in not-neatly-dressed and I neglected to ask for the manager. Probably because, as was once said of the makers of Attack of the the Eye Creatures, I just didn't care.


Later in the evening, when I went to see X-Men 2 (a very good movie by the way. Loads of fun), I noticed they are hiring at the best cinema in the world, Madstone. So I picked up an application and shall be attending the hiring fair on Monday. Probably.

Looks like Trisa got a good chance of being hired by Starbucks to-day, which is good.


So how's the writing, Setsuled?

I kinna put the novel on hold for a little while until I've come up with the new edition of the Sin Osanap source book. I realised that I really must have one, or at least a write-up of all relevant material, before I proceed further.

I hope to at last have time for this in the morning.

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