Monday, May 19, 2003


Feeling kinna shitty this morning. I guess pizza and orange juice really don't go together.

Last night I was feeling a lot nostalgic while watching a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode that'd been taped in 1993. I was eating at the same time so I didn't bother fast forwarding through the commercials. And I was struck by how much commercials have changed in ten years.

Gone, now, are the innocent "if you chew our gum/use our detergent/listen to our stereo you will feel happy and bouncy and super full of life" commercial jingles. It made me realise how much smart-ass sells these days. Every product has to have a 'tude. Even Snuggles has a hedgehog nemesis now. A googly eyed critter who is not about making clothes snuggly soft, but more about screwing up and taking snippy verbal abuse from the once ultra-gentle Snuggles.

Commercials still suck. But at least now they assume we can't be bothered with faux innocence, or anything that isn't extreme!. Even our stupid commercial jingles cannot afford to avoid cynicism.

Here's something that made me think about the death of innocence in the media.


Was gonna hang out with Trisa last night but she was to see a movie. It sucked because I've missed her. Especially after Saturday night when we came within a hairsbredth of hanging out, but I missed the page and when I called a few hours later, she'd already made alternate plans. We talked about hanging out on Sunday but, again, movie happened.

Oh well. We'll probably see eachother to-night.

So I ended up, last night, catching up with Tim instead. He, folks, had beaten Inu-Yasha.

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