Saturday, May 31, 2003

I found my copy of Tom Waits' Rain Dogs this morning, which made me incredibally happy. I thought I'd completely lost the thing! Now if I can only find Alice . . .

This morning, I also overheard a conversation between my grandmother and five-year-old cousin that made me cringe:

Apparently he'd tricked her into thinking he'd taken some of her pills she'd left out. When he revealed he'd only been kidding, she sternly told him that it wasn't something to joke about. If he'd taken the pills, he might've had to go to the hospital. He informed her that he was going to live forever and that nothing could kill him.

The part that made me cringe; "No one lives forever," she told him in a voice of phoney brevity, "Always remember that."

Something . . . something about her tone of voice, and the fact that the kid obviously wasn't listening to her (evidenced by the fact that he kept speaking while she was speaking, "I have the power of pokopooku! I'll live forever!"), gave me the impression that she was sort of seeing this like a movie she was starring in. I could almost hear in her mind the Richard Dryfuss voiceover; "And that day, although I didn't appreciate it then, my grandmother said something that I've always remembered . . . a little lesson about life and what it means to be alive . . . meanwhile all I could think about was meeting Joe-Joe and Slappy Bill at the swimming hole where we were gonna set up a tire swing . . ."

Made me wanna retch.

I wanted to start singing "No one lives forever! Let's have a party, there's a full moon in the sky, it's the hour of the wolf and I don't wanna die!" (that's an Oingo Boingo song).


I was also having a journey into nostalgia this morning as I was going through old files. I found that, incredibally, my old guestbook from my old website seems to still be working. That company apparently just has more file space than it knows what to do with.

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