Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Imagine being in a classroom and seeing someone walk in and set down a beach ball in the middle of the room. Now imagine everyone else in the class falling over themselves in awe at the very sight of this beach ball. Now imagine yourself not having any idea what is so special about a beach ball. Imagine all this, and you'll have a pretty good idea of how I felt in class last night.

Truly, I'm beginning to feel I'm missing something fundamental about life and art and everything. I almost wanted to plead with the others, go on my knees and tug at their shirts or skirts, and beg, "Please, please show me the secret! Show me why this stupid story about a little girl living on a farm that sees her father killing a chicken is as brilliant as you all seem to think it is! Tell me how you can be fulfilled by it, while I am left wanting!"

It wasn't just that story but also many others and some poems. When I said one poem was a cheap knock-off of H.P. Lovecraft, no one knew who I was talking about.

I am alone.

I am alien.

I am freak.

Yes, I felt pretty damned isolated. Am I gonna need to have such a low opinion of everyone in my class, or am I really, and truly missing something? "Yes I am blind!" as Morrissey says.

I wish, reader, I could share with you the mediocrity of some of the "best works" we've reviewed in the Acorn Review class.

I am snob. Regardless of whether or not I'm right.

It didn't help that I had to walk home last night. Of course, it's totally unfair of me to expect a ride from Trisa. She's under no obligation, and she can't run her schedule around me. But I was angry at everything at first--I was wearing completely the wrong socks. I was wearing the blister making socks. But towards the end of the walk, I was just really, really hungry. No, not particularly tired. Just extremely hungry.

I was triumphant and overjoyed, though, when I found, upon my return, that I had managed to get back in under two hours.

I didn't miss Farscape.

And what a great episode it was. For those of you who're fans, it was the one where everyone switched bodies. Crichton in Aeryn's body and Rygel in Crichton's were hilarious. I loved when Crichton/Aeryn had to explain to Rygel/Crichton how to take a piss as a human. Great stuff.

I did a new page of Doll Merchant.

Now I go elsewhere!

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