Friday, May 02, 2003

I spent most of last night working with tutorials for 3D Studio Max. I think I might actually end up being able to use this programme. It's funny, it's been a very long time since I've picked up any useful skills for real life. Kinna sad, huh?

I am wondering, though, what it'll mean to me to know how to properly use 3D Studio Max. Mostly I fear it'll be a distraction, as I'll prolly use mostly for making models for video games. I had some thought about making virtual sets for some of the locales in my writing, but I dunno how practical that would really be . . .

Yesterday, after I got kicked off the trolley at 32nd and Commercial for not having the proper ticket (how was I to know "One Way" only meant "To the next station"? I was only going one way, after all. One way to Downtown), I walked a few miles and stopped a Starbucks I'd never been in before. Before there commencing to read a bit of Henry Miller's The Tropic of Cancer (a book at first I thought good, but a sort of watered down Kerouac, that I now think--as I've learned it was probably written before Kerouac was published--is almost a prototype of Kerouac. Something that Kerouac took several steps further. It's good, though), I began working on some designs for some locations in my novel. I'd got myself in "source book" mode for the first time since high school, I think, because of another project I'm working on with a group of people. So info for me ought to be forthcoming, which is good and, I think, very overdue.

Trisa's on her way here now so I should go . . .

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