Friday, September 19, 2003

Avast and stand well, me hearties, for with me swings a lantern's tale
Aye, for who best sees ye cats sympathies for the gable and turn
And out on the line o' sea does the perty Apollo burn, aye
We 'aven't got a plane to ogle and swap the bloody swallow

Who aught me lass go 'un?
I take me hearty glass for fun
Drep te coast and loverly bossoms
Girl, me friend e'er me cosms

So one "arr" rides more on for her
Ye see no great troubles singing 'll incur
So take saucy dance with saucy drepin' lass
And hoist the dead men over
Hoist the dead men
Hoist the dead men over the river they need pass . . .
An' we sail on top o' the water, cut a' glass, cut a' glass

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