Thursday, September 18, 2003

I wanna go back to sleep. Dasani's not as good the next day.

Yesterday my sister told me that she and her boyfriend had broken up. When I said, "I'm sorry," she just said, "It's okay," and didn't seem to think there was much to talk about.

It turns out, she dumped him because he cancelled a date and because he didn't know what Brail was and he didn't know who Helen Keller was.

Suddenly I'm glad I never had a girlfriend in high school.


I did get around to reading The Miller's Tale yesterday and . . . damn. The Farley brothers are but amatuers. Chaucer had raunch and fart jokes nailed six hundred years ago.

I also looked for Neil Gaiman's new book, Endless Nights, but it was of course sold out at both comic book shops I went to. I suppose I'll try next Wednesday . . .

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