Thursday, September 11, 2003

Hello, hello. It's been a few days, I know, Seituyo Blog. How're you? Oh yeah, you don't talk.

I felt like laughing a lot yesterday. I had Ed Wynn singing "I Love to Laugh" in my head.

At Target yesterday, I saw Tim buy a can of coke for a dollar. A can. In fact, a less than eight ounce can. Why was it so expensive? Because it was in a can the size and shape of an energy drink can--like a red bull can.

So basically Coca-Cola is marketing a new energy drink. And that energy drink is . . . Classic Coca-Cola.

It's absolutely no different from a regular coke.

Tim hailed this as marketing genius and bought it completely for that reason.

That made me laugh.


To-day I finally finished what I thought was chapter 77, but what turns out to be chapter 76. It's so frelling huge, I think I'll probably divide it into several chapters.

In any case, I'm on the last page of my outline for part 8 which means, interestingly enough, that part 8 is both the longest part in the book as so far and the part that took me the least amount of time to write. Or it seems that way at least . . . I guess I began part 8 in May . . . so maybe it was a goodly amount of time. Seems like it went by really quick, though.


To-day's September 11th . . . How odd. And how odd that that's now odd.

Anyway . . . peace.

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