Friday, September 12, 2003

I'm sleepy. And lacking optimism, pessimism, and cynicism. I am void. My teeth hurt. Although not as bad as they did a few days ago. It's as if the pain's diluted into a big, general bruise.

I bought the second issue of Neil Gaiman's 1602 yesterday and it is good. It is a good series.

. . . yaaaaawn . . .

I wish this computer worked properly so that I could play some TIE Fighter.

Last night I had this crazy idea about going through all my old Star Trek tapes and finding the episodes I really loved. I didn't do that. What will I do?

So far to-day I did type up some of chapter 70 of my novel. I have a lot more in my notebook than what I've typed, and it is a little daunting at this point . . .

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