Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Yesterday had a lot to do with video gaming nostalgia.

After I made that entry, I installed and played a game called TIE Fighter, a game I was quite thoroughly obsessed with during high school. Unfortunately, whatever strange spirit it is that has hold of my computer, causing the system to use 100% of the CPU 99% of the time, makes TIE Fighter only a little closer to playable than Morrowind. This thing is really irritating me.

Currently listening to Tom Waits's "Whistling Past the Graveyard", which is appropriate given all the electrical appliences I have running close to me during this freak, rather fierce, thunder and lightning storm going on outside. It's very strange; I went into the mall, it was cloudless and astoundingly hot. I sat down to write in the food court after buying a coffee, and suddenly I hear a rumble distinctly reminiscent of thunder. I glance outside and immediately a whole bunch of water comes out of the sky.

It's very strange . . .

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