Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tired. Apparently someone's here to clean the bathroom on the other side of the wall from my bed. I'm up early and I have nowhere to pee, shave, or brush my teeth. Quaugh.

Let's see . . . lots of writing on my new script yesterday. I'm settling in. I think I'm creating the impression of 1928 well enough, but I'm making just getting comfortable with the characters a higher priority, figuring I can fix slang and contemporary references later. Some of these mp3s have been helpful to get me in the proper mood.

That's also partly why I was watching Double Indemnity again, even though it's set in 1939 (and filmed in 1944). Of course, all the 20s movies I have are silents. I guess the closest I have to a 20s talkie is Trouble in Paradise.

Anyway, I noticed that the "kid" in Double Indemnity, Nino Zachetti, was twenty seven in real life and twenty eight in the movie. My age! I'm still a kid, so says Walter Neff! That's a relief.

I also played Oblivion at Tim's house yesterday, where he and I got in an argument about Ron Paul. Tim didn't notice my haircut, neither has my grandmother, or several other people who ought to've. So far the only person to notice it without me pointing it out for them was my mother on Tuesday. My hair was well past shoulder length before--it's a big difference here. My whole head's a different shape. I don't get it. I guess people try not to look directly at me, like a Ghostbuster trap.

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