Friday, August 22, 2003

Beat Castlevania: Symphony of the Night last night, which makes me pretty kick ass, I know. It got a lot easier once I found out that the Alucard Shield (not, mind you, the Alucard from Hellsing) could kill anyone really quickly while similtaneously healing me.

This was at Tim's house, of course. After we watched and made fun of the end game cut scene and credits, we went to his living room to watch The Daily Show, during which I became aware of what sounded like a small child sobbing in the next room.

I glanced at Tim questioningly as I knew that there had not been any small children in his house for maybe five years.

"Hear that?" grinned Tim. "That's Charlie."

I thought this was some kind of joke at first . . . Charlie is the name of one of Tim's cats. But I could see that he was serious.

"He only does it when he thinks he's alone," said Tim.

"That's really weird," said I. The sounds were so like human speech that I could swear that I could almost discern specific english words . . . almost. It was very like hearing someone speak in a foreign language similer to english, like french or spanish. Your mind automatically starts sorting the sounds into recognisable words. Very weird.


I think I'll devote to-day to screwing around. I've been given the titles of lazy bum, moocher, and lay-about. It's time I started earning them.

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