Friday, August 08, 2003

Thursday I saw an enormous alligator lizard, curled up outside the front door of my aunt and uncle's house. I prodded him once with the newspaper I was carrying and I wasn't sure if it provoked any movement--if it did, the movement was too subtle for me to see.

When I returned that night, I noticed first that the lizard was gone, and second that the screen door was slightly ajar. Opening it, I found that it had been made ajar by the body of the lizard, sitting on the threshold. THe lizard had opened the door!!

Really quite extraordinary, especially as he was apparently on the verge of death. For when I prodded him again, he again gave only a lacklustre reaction--merely crawling down off the threshold. And when I next saw him--Friday morning--he was covered with ants, and his eyes were gone.

He is there still.


I quite squandered Friday. Didn't do very much useful--first day in a while where I got no writing done. I went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast and saw a huge column of black smoke in the distance. Then I went to my grandmother's and watched both DVDs that I'd gotten on Thursday for only twenty bucks--Hollywood Video has a deal goin' for two previously viewed DVDs for twenty bucks. (heads up to anyone reading who might live near a Hollywood Video.)(I occassionally wonder; does anyone read my blog anymore?).

The movies I got; Ian McKellan's Richard III, which was interesting, and Ghost World, the watching of which was a heartbreaking experience (I suppose the nice thing about not having Trisa around is that I can be as meloncholy as I like and I won't have to worry about her calling me a whiney bitch).

Actually, I thought of Trisa while watching the movie--when Rebecca very strongly doesn't understand Enid's love for the complete dorkiness of Seymour, I was reminded of when Trisa had been sincerely disturbed by the fact that I knew that James Horner wrote the melody for My Heart Will Go On. The movie made me feel a little better about the possibility that I may be a hopeless geek.

I watched it with my Aunt, who didn't quite get it, I don't think. Afterwards, I tried to explain to her the meaning behind the title "Ghost World", but it was a futile task when she couldn't understand why the mediocre fifties diner was funny, or why Seymour and Enid felt unable to identify with 99% of the human race. But I sensed that she was giving it the old college try.

I think I shall sleep now. Good night.

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