Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Started on chapter 73 yesterday and then, in the evening, I bought a copy of Gangs of New York for only thirteen dollars. Not bad, eh?

Last night I also watched the last two episodes of Fooly Cooly, aka FLCL, aka FuriKuri. It's a series that is enjoyable and rather zany and reminds me of something a teacher at college once told me about his thoughts on Anime. He said that all of it--all of it--is created primarily to teach young japanese boys how to deal with their sexual attraction to girls.

Now, I might take issue when it comes to something like Grave of the Fireflies or Princess Mononoke, but I'd certainly agree with him in the case of FLCL. I watched it with my friend Tim, and I was intrigued by the way he (and so many others) tends to overlook this rather garganutuanly blatant aspect of the show in favour of simply saying, "Wow, that show's so fucking bizarre--I don't get it, but it's good."

What's not to get about the growth in the young boy's head that he's embarrassed about, that appeared there after the frightingly unpredictable yet lovable sexy mystery girl on a motor cycle hit him with an electric guitar? Or what's really ambiguous about the scene where the boy's running through his house screaming whilst carrying his father's decapitated head? (I loved that scene).

All the reviews I've read this morning seem to fall over themselves talking about how astondingly impenetrable the series is. In my opinion, these folks are just afraid to see what is a little too obvious for their liking--This series strikes a sensitive chord in us sexually pathetic men (boys), and I say bravo.

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