Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I would very much like to go back to sleep right now. but I can't . . . it's my sister's birthday and I have to be there to go and see Freaky Friday with her and my family.

Last Friday was my mother's birthday, and the Friday before that was Cryptess's. All Leos. I'm surrounded by lions.

Last night, I broke through a lazy haze to go and see Swimming Pool, a movie which was the kind of good that left me in a very good mood. Charlotte Rampling was very cool, and the other girl was very nude a lot of the time. And that was nice.

Macy the cat--who I'm cat-sitting (basically the whole reason that I'm housesitting)--gave me quite a scare by not coming in last night . . . I was very happy to see her this morning.

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