Wednesday, August 20, 2003

On the freeway last night there was a car stopped in the second lane from the left with a girl standing on top screaming incoherently. A young shaven headed fellow was trying to talk her down--to me, it looked like perhaps he was the driver, and in the midst of a traffic jam, his drunken female passenger climbed onto the roof, forcing him to stop the car.

Now, as I watched a police car pull up to them with flashing lights, threading carefully through the traffic that was now slow-moving only because of this disruption, I knew someone was in trouble but I wasn't sure who and how. The guy can hardly be blamed for stopping the car when the girl was on the roof. I guess the girl would get busted for drunken, disorderly conduct but that kinna sucks. I mean, if she's so hammered that she's climbing on top of a moving car in the middle of the freeway, should she really be blamed for her actions? I guess they actually put a lot of people in danger, so I guess someone has to pay . . .

I wrote lots yesterday. For three hours at a Starbucks in Clairemont by the Japanese mall, then for another two hours at Horton Plaza. I have been all too energetic lately . . . All in all, yesterday was very, very, very good.

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