Thursday, August 28, 2003

Hm. Almost woke up too late.

To-day's Tim's birthday, as he informed me last night. I'm gonna need to go out and purchase something for the fellow now, but what? This is one of those tasks that can turn out to be mega-time consuming and I hope that's not the case to-day. I feel like I've had hardly any time over the past several days . . . The only real writing I've gotten done was one three hour spurt at Trisa's Starbucks. And while that went well, it was well below my pace of previous weeks.

There are a lot of things I would like to do right now. I'd like to work on my novel. I'd like to write a short story. I'd like to post comments on Caitlin Kiernan's message board. I'd like to hang out with Trisa. I's like to investigate mysteries. I'd like to see what's crawled up Cryptess's ass. I'd like to do a new page of Doll Merchant.

But what I am gonna do is get dressed . . . get out of here . . . and go shopping.

I hate Thursdays.

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