Sunday, August 03, 2003

Trying to do something with all my things . . . wading through innumerable trash bags I'd hastily filled with my possessions of the past twenty years I'm finding a lot of very surprising and interesting things. I'll probably post a few here later, when I have a chance.

Looks like the stuff may end up being more manageable than I had thought. Which is good. But I still haven't found my note book. Which pisses me off as I very much wanted it to-day.


Yesterday I went to my cousin Jared's 21st birthday party. I'm not sure why I went--I don't really know Jared very well. Seems like I only became aware of his existence a few years ago.

I ran into my cousin Christa there, with whom I sort of grew up with. Hadn't seen her for a while, and we got to chatting about movies and stuff. We were chatting when Jared announced that his sixteen year old girlfriend, Crystal, sitting next to him, was pregnant.

Crystal looks like . . . well, like a baby. She's one of those especially young looking younglings. Jared is the kind of guy who seems like his personality probably hasn't changed significantly since age five.

Christa immediately started asking me, "Are they serious? Is this a joke? It seems like a joke."

Now I think I know from jokes, and this was no joke. Not judging from the manner in which all of my older relations, in their nattering little clusters, pronounced that the young lady really ought to get an abortion.

Maybe it was because I didn't quite disagree with them that I felt especially bad for the kids. Before leaving I shook Jared's hand and congratulated him on his birthday and "the impending one."

Did I mention that my life's been a weird collage lately?

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