Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Here I am at aunt and uncle's again. Yay!

Yesterday was quite interesting. I left at around 10:30am for North County Fair Mall. And I stayed at North County Fair until 4pm. Was never bored once . . . I had two things to do, aside from eating and happy-idle mall wandering, that were sure to take up loads of time: I had my writing, and I had to find a birthday present for my sister.

And I didn't even end up finding something for my sister at that mall! I did write a very peculiar short story, though. Not a small one either--in a very nice journal book that Cryptess gave me for my birthday, I sat down and wrote the entire thing from start to finish.

After the mall, I travelled south and stopped at a Barnes and Noble in Carmel mountain and purchased for my sister Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. She remembers Chaucer from A Knight's Tale starring Heath Leager and, as I remembered her mentioning the other day that she wants to name her next dog Chaucer, I decided to see if I could spark an interest in her for the man himself. I'm always hoping.

I next travelled further south, and for some reason went into the Barnes and Noble in Mira Mesa, where I didn't buy anything.

And finally I went to Parkway Plaza, where in the Border's I saw one of Trisa's old friends who, she'd told me, is scared of me. I thought about this, and about the fact that Trisa now thinks I'm crazy, and I began to wonder if I might be a Super Villain. Hey, an outcast has perfectly the right to romanticise his position, don't he? You know, in spite of superficial prevailing sensibilities, few people ever actually love a lad insane.

Ugh. I gots to stop thinking about that.

Until 9pm, I sat down at the mall's Starbucks and read Age of Innocence, which is such an insightful and wonderful book about human nature. I think it's actually very, very relivant to-day, in spite of being about late 19th century society in New York.

At nine, I went to Tims, and thus concluded the day's adventures. What shall happen to-day, I wonder?

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