Thursday, August 28, 2003

I was rather tired all day Wednesday, and now it's nearly 2am Thursday and suddenly I can't sleep. Had trouble sleeping Tuesday night as well. My mind is occupied.

Gods . . . I hate people.

Started class this week. My two main, real classes are Japanese II and British Lit I. Very different subjects, yes? Guess what they have in common.

First time attending both classes, the teachers wanted every student in the class to introduce themselves to someone else in the class, interview them, and be interviewed in turn. To "make a new friend". To make me fucking puke, more like.

Just what the fuck is this obnoxious forced ritual? I don't ask the "point" because I sense the point in much the same way I smell a pile of shit--that by forming human connexions with our classmates we're less likely to drop the class and we're more likely to "get involved" with the class subject matter in our social animal group mentality . . . thing.

Well guess what? It doesn't help me one bit because all these people fucking suck and I don't wanna be involved with them. Not one jot, iota, tittle, etcetera. Don't believe it's that bad, eh? Think ol' Setsuled is a crabby, anti-social lich or something? Let's take, then, for example the fellow I interviewed for Brit Lit.

He gave me a bunch of boring details--the most important one here is when I asked what his favourite music is, he replied that it was Worship Music. Worship Music. Do you, reader, know what that is? Hmm? In short, it is the sound of mediocrity. To elaborate, it's Christian rock, featuring songs about how The Lord is The One and is Great and All Wonderful and . . .

Well, you get the idea. I mean, I love a lot of art featuring Christian related themes and even characters (despite the fact that if I find that the Christian god is not dead, I certainly intend to kill him) but Worship Music is something else altogether. It's arrogant, it's ignorant, and . . . well, I'm digressing.

The point is . . . why all the people, people? Why you need all these? Is being alone really that tough for you alls, so tough that you need several friends lined up for when some are unaccessible?

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