Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Comic-Con schedule's already online. Gods, only four days. I think I'll be staying all day each day. I've never actually stayed for any of the night time programming before, but I think it'll change this year, especially as there's to be a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 anniversary panel featuring Joel Hodgson and Mike Nelson, as well as both Trace Beaulieu and Bill Corbett, not to mention Kevin Murphy and most of the other main cast members and writers.

And I've already got tough decisions to make. Like, do I go to the Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles panel with Summer Glau and, for some reason, Shirley Manson of Garbage, or do I see Tori Amos, whose panel's at the same time? And, of course, Ray Bradbury'll be at the Con, as usual. Maybe I'll actually get a chance to see him this year. I think I'll probably go to all the webcomics panels.

Yesterday was a long walk to and from Tim's house, where his sister asked me to beat the last and hardest section of the newest Maro Kart game while Tim put together a computer. I'd only played the game once before, but the both of them seemed sure I could do it, and what d'you know, I did. I guess if you've played one Mario Kart game, you've played them all. This one doesn't appear to be a huge leap of graphics or gameplay from the previous game, but the dirty little secret of the Wii is that it's not terrifically more powerful than the Game Cube.

I played a little chess with Dragoness last night, and then finally finished watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Not really a bad movie. I probably wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't only seven dollars and it didn't have director commentary. It feels curiously unfinished, though. Like the script needed maybe two more drafts. It's almost like two movies; a screwball comedy about a principal and Jennifer Grey, and a drama about Cameron needing to face his father. It's unintentionally funny how the movie actually dodges showing that confrontation; how, after his father's car is totalled, the music swells and moves in on Cameron's smiling and resolute face, prepared for whatever comes and . . . nothing. Ferris Bueller trying to get home before his parents realise he's been gone.

Somewhere in the movie is a completely empty story about Ferris Bueller and his girlfriend that might have worked if someone who was actually singing and dancing, like Gene Kelly maybe, had been cast as Ferris Bueller. Though, of course, it would then be a third movie grafted onto the other two. I can see why John Hughes all but retired in the early 1990s. He was clearly running out of steam and fast.

I'd better finish up work on Chapter 4 of my comic to-day. It's weird to think that I'll be uploading it in the middle of Comic-Con.

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