Monday, July 07, 2008

I may need to call this a day off, but fortunately, I'm perfectly at liberty to do this, since I'm doing this comic a chapter ahead. Gone is that panicky feeling that constantly dogged me with Boschen and Nesuko, and the pages look better, too.

I woke up late to-day; I turned off my alarm when I realised I was having a bit of trouble sleeping. Then I had to go grocery shopping, there was a long line at the bank, and I got caught up with this section of The Brothers Karamazov Moira linked to. Gods, I wish I had time to read that book again. Dostoevsky's a genius with characterisation, and Grushenka's one of my all time favourite characters.

And now my sister's called wanting to see Wall-E, and how can I resist? I'll watch it without my contact lenses this time and I'm wondering if my reaction will be different. I think contact lenses do seem to have a mildly psychological effect on me--just a little extra grey cloud. I'm not sure why. Kind of a mildly relaxing melancholy, though.

I just had soup, too, which I usually consider a strong sign of time wasted; a food that doesn't leave one full for very long has little use in a pragmatic life. But it was good soup.

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