Thursday, July 17, 2008

There. All caught up. Only to get behind again next week during Comic-Con. Oh, well.

Yesterday, I . . . Hmm. I went grocery shopping, bought some honey garlic sauce for my tofu. I had another mildly strange encounter on The Bridge when an old man or woman (couldn't tell) stopped suddenly, looked wildly to the right. I had to walk around him or her.

I realised yesterday that a guy I knew in high school, Iain Stasukevich, is now writing for He also seems to be the only guy in the world really looking forward to The Spirit movie. I find it kind of interesting that Frank Miller would go with the philosophy of a director needing to assert his own creative vision when adapting when recent adaptations of his works have been lauded for their extreme faithfulness to their sources. Though, if I remember correctly, 300 was modified to include more racism and homophobia.

But, yes, I likely shall go to Zack Snyder's latest Comic-Con Watchmen panel. And I will kvetch about how it's becoming a disappointingly popular boulder, or about how it's horribly unfaithful to the source, or about how it's actually looking kind of good.

Actually, my theory about it is that Rorschach's going to be played as more of a true visionary with his extreme right-wing politics portrayed as wisdom. This is what Alan Moore gets for writing about politics without demonising either perspective; ideologically skewed movie adaptations.

I guess this'll be my last "night off" until a few days after Comic-Con. Well, who am I kidding, that'll be a holiday. But this'll be the last night without anything scheduled. I think I'll walk to Tim's . . .

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