Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I sure wish my coffee wasn't so chewy. Every time I think I've figured out what this coffee pot wants, it throws me for another loop. I guess chewy, slightly crunchy, coffee's not bad, though. I do like chocolate covered coffee beans, after all.

I remember seeing Mission Impossible 2 while stuffing myself with two boxes of coffee beans. That was a thrill ride, yes sirs and madams. I used to appreciate caffeine in much greater quantities than I do to-day.

Yesterday, I got a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila "Clasico" for only ten dollars. This is only the second bottle of tequila I've ever purchased, the previous bottle having been Jose Cuervo "Especial". Clasico appears to be eight trillion times better. I'm learning a good rule of thumb, here; if an alcoholic beverage that's normally clear, such as rum or tequila, is sold in a tinted "spiced" variety, the clear version is invariably better.

Last night I read through a forum argument Dragoness was having with a very confused Christian who decided to argue that Venia's Travels is inferior to the teachings of Christ. So I can honestly say now that Venia's Travels is already being compared to the Christian Bible.

Well, I suppose I ought to get back to my heresy . . . va, va, va!

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