Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm soooooooo tired. But I got back at 10:30pm to-night, so here's a quick update summary before I collapse to get on this behemoth again to-morrow;

A wonderful anime experience, a good H.P. Lovecraft documentary, clips from the film adaptation of Watchmen that made me want to like it a lot more than the trailer did, finding myself surrounded in a hall by the cast and writers of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (No, I didn't talk to them), and the sight of the Venture Brothers, in the flesh. And much more. To-morrow brings Tori Amos and Ray Bradbury. And maybe I'll get around to catching one of the eight million panels Joss Whedon is doing this year.

Two essential things I recommend anyone attending the Comic-Con bring with them; a good book and apples. And if you should ever encounter Rorschach, do not, under any circumstances, invade his personal space.

I have to get to sleep in an hour. So . . . good night.

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