Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last night I dreamt I was going on another cruise with my family, only I had to be smuggled onboard in a hollowed out mannequin. The dream was longer than it sounds; I saw myself being wheeled about on a dolly, customs agents trying to figure out why the mannequin was so heavy.

I don't have much to say here to-day. I ate at IHOP yesterday, as I mentioned. I had a decent spinach and mushroom omelette.

Yep. I have colouring to catch up on. Only five pages of Chapter 4 are completely finished, but the last three pages are partially finished, so they shouldn't take very long. I think one of the reasons this chapter's lagging a little bit is because I wasn't colouring during meals as much last week. I guess that was more essential than I thought. To-morrow I write the script for Chapter 5, which I anticipate as being the most pleasant chapter so far. I hope I'm not exhausting anyone.

I think I'll go get a sandwich. Here's Toubanua waiting for James Bond to be delivered to her Grecian hideout;

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