Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just when I thought martinis couldn't get any better, I found a way; jalapeno stuffed olives. I had three of them in my vodka martini last night and, gods, what strange heaven is this. They gave the martini a curiously crisp quality, as well as a fuller, subtler taste that I put down to the 200 milligrams less sodium than the pimento stuffed olives. Ever poked one of those pimentos out of your olive and tried it on its own? They're weirdly flavourless.

I had my jalapenotastic martini while playing chess last night. One and a half games--the first aborted when Yoshiko had to leave, the second against a new guy named Ray; a game that seemed to last hours before I finally won with just a king and queen against his king. Even then he tried to get a stalemate by avoiding me for fifty moves, but, fortunately, while I am bad at cornering, I'm not that bad.

I was very happy with how the Chapter 4 script finally came out yesterday, so I treated myself to the new olives and a small carton of green tea ice cream, of which I only ate a small amount. Otherwise, all I had yesterday was cous cous, plain oatmeal, and an apple. I'm so excited by the idea that I might not have to think at all about what I'm eating pretty soon. I completely subscribe to Einstein's idea of keeping only multiple copies of the same outfit so as not to waste energy deciding what to wear. Soon I'll be able to say the same about food. Of course, mostly my thought energy is still not going to be as well spent as Einstein's, but at least I can choose now.

The white cat, Snow, and the neighbour grey cat came to the door while I was making cous cous last night. I went out to play with Snow a while, though the grey is still too wary to come any closer than a few feet. At least she doesn't seem to be terrified of me, which makes me glad.

I did rough drawings for Chapter 4 to-day, which is the most Boschen and Nesuko-ish Venia's Travels I've written. I'm hoping I'm not just going to end up writing an alternate Boschen and Nesuko. There are different ideas I want to work with here, but I suppose it's inevitable there'd be some overlap.

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