Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I finished drawing and inking at around 2:30am and then spent the next two hours in some tough negotiations with my printer. It jammed three times last night, having never jammed before. I'd realised the bar code I had printed out in April to get my Comic Con badge was the wrong bar code (I'd been charged for two, remember; it's a boring story, I won't look up the old entry). Once I got that sorted, I decided to put a real effort into making cards. After a lot of struggle making a template for the blank cards I bought a couple days ago, I finally realised the company that'd made the cards had a free template online. The printer was greatly pained in the act of digesting the oak hard paper, but the cards are the best I've ever made, I must say. I promise I won't go all Patrick Bateman about them, though. Unless you want me to.

To-night is Preview Night, so I'll be leaving pretty soon. I'm not in a huge hurry, though. I got there at 4pm, I think, last year and was able to walk straight in, unlike, I gathered, the people who'd been there at noon, who'd dutifully queued around the building before opening. Plus, the only thing that's happening to-night the showing of a pilot episode for J.J. Abrams's newest show. Maybe I'll check it out. I've yet to see anything that guy's done outside of Cloverfield.

If nothing else, I'm looking forward to being downtown again. I'm taking the trolley to-day, but to-morrow I'm riding with my sister, who's gotten a job again, this time as a secret agent for Disney. She's going to be dressed like Agent Smith. Maybe I should try to teach her how to say, "Mr. Anderson" like Hugo Weaving with an American accent . . .

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