Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last night I had the second of what seem to be a series of "hidden kitten" dreams. In the first one I'd discovered a black kitten had been living on a couch in plain view, but had just become visible to me, as though a hypnotic cloak had been removed, a la the Shadow. Last night, I dreamt another hidden kitten, a white one with black spots, had grown up and had hidden kittens of her own.

I really miss having cats in this house. I miss going upstairs to feed them every morning. Lucky, Victoria, and Olivia. Olivia was a pretty white cat with green eyes who didn't warm to me until a few months before she died. It seemed she lost some kind of reserve and wanted as much love as she could get. I remember one day I sat down next to her and she slowly crawled onto my lap. When I had to go, a little shifting of my muscles was enough to alert her, and she slowly got back up again and walked away, as if to say, "I know you have things to do. I appreciate whatever you can give."

I've only two pages left to draw and ink on Chapter 5. It's weird being this far ahead, especially after having gotten a little behind on Chapter 4. To-night I'll be doing the last two pages and to-morrow's the beginning of Comic-Con. Well, technically it's only Preview Night, but you can bet I'll get all I can out of it. I'll probably have some time left over to colour, too. I haven't finished colouring a single page of Chapter 5 yet, though I've completely coloured one character on every finished page so far. I do it that way sometimes; it's a good way to avoid looking down.

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