Monday, January 12, 2004

Dreamt Helen Mirren was playing Sherlock Holmes in a new movie. Not an alternate universe female Sherlock Holmes--but actual Sherlock Holmes. She also played another character in the movie, a woman. All in all, she didn't make a very good Holmes. For some reason, she was always trying to speak with a Brooklin accent.

I also dreamt that Parkway Plaza was being overrun with Aliens and Predators and that I was fleeing for my life in the mall's vast, underground sewer system that was also in space. I came accross a very aged and bearded Han Solo and he and I tried to escape by modifying a lift so that it could go very fast and outside of the place. Only it malfunctioned and I woke up as it was being torn open, exposing us to the void.

At some point, there was also a dream where I was buying stamps at a bicycle shop. There was a woman in line next to me with very pretty, short, bright red hair.

Right now I think I'll go have a salad.

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