Sunday, January 18, 2004

I . . . can't remember yesterday very clearly. Let's see . . . In the evening I was at Tim's playing Soul Calibur 2 . . . I had brought Taco Bell with me to eat . . .

I received an e-mail from Cryptess who'd taken the time to tell me that my love for Cowboy Bebop was loathsome . . . Oh, gods, now I remember. What a fucking night. I was up until 5 am looking . . . for what, I cannot even remember. I tore the place apart, kicking up so much dust that at one point I simply collapsed in the closet, feeling miserable. I did find an awful lot of CD cases, though. Now my stack of empty cases whose CDs are missing numbers at only about thirty. And I still haven't found Alice, of course. I'm missing a number of CDs, but most prominent in my mind are two Tom Waits albums; Alice and Heart Attack and Vine.

I will find them. Oh, yes, I will find them.

I did laudry last night, too. Something I very sorely needed to do.

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