Saturday, January 10, 2004

I need more blank tapes so that's one thing I'll definitely be doing to-day. So's I can get The Searchers, West Side Story, and Rebel Without a Cause. To-day looks to be all too lucrative.

Went to see Big Fish with Trisa last night and it was a very charming movie, moreso in the Ewan McGreagor flashback scenes than for most of the Billy Crudup scenes though.

Trisa and I also stopped by Tower where I purchased a pack of three Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies. I watched The Woman in Green. It was curious--the filmakers, in their attempt to jazz up and mature Holmes ended up making something that comes off as far more innocent and simple than the Conan-Doyle stories ever were. I liked Basil Rathbone as Holmes but could see why he didn't enjoy the character as much as Jeremy Brett did. Rathbone felt that Holmes's superior intellect made him too super-human while Brett was able to use that very intellect to make a very human Holmes. So Rathbone's performance is a lot plainer but, still, he's convincing, a good actor, and rather resembled Holmes.

I am hungry.

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