Saturday, January 17, 2004

Last night I dreamt about Gollum trying to lead a reformed life in Hobbiton. He was, at times, successful.

Watched Real Time with Bill Maher with my mother and my sister last night. I was a big fan of Politically Incorrect, especially in High School, and back in those days I would occasionally try to get my mother to watch it but of course to her, back then, all of my tastes were patently foolish.

Now, she and my sister, who's becoming a bit too distressingly like a younger version of my mother, are quite taken with Bill Maher and I'm kind of sorry. Because while what I liked about Pollitically Incorrect was that it was a collection of interesting, often intelligent people having intelligent arguments, what mother and sister seem to like is Bill Maher. And I like Bill Maher. But I don't take all his words as The Truth as they seem to. And this Real Time show, unfortunately, seems to be more about Maher than the panel.

And I'm busy again to-day.

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