Friday, January 16, 2004

Yesterday was a good day. Better than my horoscope predicted.

Spent lots of time in the morning looking for a coffee shop Trisa'd recommended to me that I thought was called Zoams, but was in fact called Bassoms. So I didn't find it, but instead ended up writing for a long time in a Starbucks--wrote a scene that made me feel the whole of the novel like--and here's a hackneyed metaphor--reaching a point while climbing a mountain and looking down to see an indeed great big mountain. I hope, anyway. I'm feeling good about it.

Drove, after that, past a lot of aircraft carriers which were really close to shore. In their midst was a big fat cruise ship. And there, my friends, is America.

In the evening, Trisa and I had much fun going first to Olive Garden, and then to see Spike and Mike's Twisted Animation Festival thing. The best shorts were definitely the Happy Tree Friends, which seemed to perfect what most of the other cartoons were trying to do. After Happy Tree Friends, most of the others seemed dull and plain. Little wonder that there were three HTF episodes throughout the proceedings.

Now I'm in a hurry, so bye.

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