Saturday, January 24, 2004

Mystery Science Theater 3000 may leave television forever.

I know, they stopped making new episodes years ago. It's just such a sad statement anyway. I've, for the past couple weeks, been taping the episodes Sci-Fi shows in the early mornig on Saturday. But soon there shan't even be that . . .

I last night watched How to Succeed in Business Without Trying. It was a fun, occasionally cheeky musical that seemed to involve lots of colour and several people who seemed quite comfortable casually rubbing their faces on pieces of others' bodies. Especially the star, someone named Robert Morse, who looked something like a slightly bloated, manic Mark Hammil. I got to admit I kinna liked his faintly disturbing, hyber-creepy energy. And then-president Lyndon Johnson has a cameo.

I have to get coffee now.

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