Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Lots of doing yesterday. Wrote an awful lot at the Grossmont Trolley Starbucks. Then I went to school, where I met up with Ha, who's taking the Acorn Review class as I am. She gave me some much appreciated food.

There're a number of people in the class, far more than the two previous times I've enrolled in it, but mainly there seems to be a very loud guy named James. I'm hoping I'll have an opportunity to crush his ego some time this semester. Not that I think he's a bad guy, it's that no-one should be that happy.

I did a new page of Doll Merchant last night--long overdue, I know.

And the other day, I found something buried in my car that I thought I might share with you people--very old photos of me. I guess they're from seven or eight years ago. It seems like ages ago--I really can't believe my skin once looked so good. I'm pretty glad there's photographic evidence, actually. Anyway. I've always wanted to post photos on this site, so people know what I look like. No-one ever wants to take pictures of me. But here's what I used to look like:

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