Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Watched an interview with the late Ann Miller last night. She seemed very interesting and lively for a woman of her age. She seemed like "a pistol" as Robert Osbourne (interviewer) said.

I wonder if she really did invent pantyhose, though? And I wonder if she really did introduce Lucille Ball to Dezi Arnez? There were an awful lot of things she said that she preceded by saying, "Now, the history books don't give me credit for it but I . . ."

She almost reminded me of the Albert Finney/Ewan McGreagor character from Big Fish. But I think I'll choose to believe her.

I think I'll probably spend most of the day indoors, taping movies, writing, and drawing. There are far worse ways to spend one's time.

I shall make one trip to Starbucks, though, for my health. I mean, I'll be walking, as I have been for about a week now. I have money for a new tire, but I need to find someone who knows how to put my spare on . . .

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